Photographer Fumiko Imano’s Recipe for Cantonese Rice Pancakes

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Fumiko Imano Cheun Fan

Tokyo-based photographer Fumiko Imano shares her recipe for Cheun Fan-style rice pancakes – “Food is an important part of my day,” she says

This recipe is taken from Studio Cookbook Volume Three by Hato Press. The book is an examination of the way we – artists, photographers, designers, creators – eat while we are working.

This is my working and living place. I cook many things while I’m working. Sometimes I go to lunch outside, because there are lots of temptations outside. I'm in a good area for food. It's a place called Nakano. There’s a really nice udon place, and also some Korean barbecue. There’s a nice cafe outside, I always go. They opened one and half years ago. What else? Rice, miso soup, baked fish cooked in front of you on charcoals.

Food is an important part of my day. I used to live in Brazil when I was a kid, and my parents were really interested in food, so I had a food influence from the beginning of my life. A Brazilian approach to food is quite wild, lots of things on the plate. This black bean thing with rice. Many vegetables, many things on one plate. My mom cooked a lot of international food. Eating and cooking is very important for our family. I have lots of pots, too. Five or six Le Creuset. I don’t know why I have so many.

If I’m eating while I’m working I just clean up a little bit. I’m quite a messy person. Sometimes I clean up very well, but sometimes I forget to clean things and just cook and bring it over, and oh my god, it’s so messy. I don’t know where to eat.

Cheun Fan-style Rice Pancake


Vietnamese rice pancake mix




Soya sauce 



  1. To make the sauce, add sugar to soya sauce in mini pan.
  2. Heat it until the sugar melts.
  3. To make the pancakes, stir the pancake mix and water together.
  4. Pour oil onto a heated pan. Drop scallions, fry well, and then add shrimps. Put them aside on the plate. 
  5. Pour oil and drop pancake mix. Let it cook.
  6. Add scallions and shrimps on it and try to roll. If it doesn’t roll then just fold.
  7. Present them on your favourite plate. Add soya sauce mix.

Serves: one

Studio Cookbook Volume Three is published by Hato Press, and is out now.